August 04, 2023
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Walking into Jiangmen Base and Feeling the Beautiful Future

Since the construction of Desen Jiangmen production base, it has been concerned by all the staff. In order to let employees have an in-depth understanding of the progress of the project and personally experience the sonorous sound of Desen's progress, on the morning of February 19, Chairman Zhou led all the staff of Desen Manufacturing Center to visit the Jiangmen construction site.

Visit the construction base

At the construction site, the project manager of Jiangmen Base introduced the overall planning and progress of Desen Intelligent equipment Industry Base.

The base is located in Jianghai National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of nearly 40 mu, with an area of 100,000 ㎡. It is a modern intelligent industrial park integrating research and development building, production plant, staff apartment and comprehensive supporting facilities, integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.

Chairman Zhou believes that the new working environment and intelligent layout will open a new chapter in Kai.

Visit the construction base

Surrounding transportation is convenient, the east guangfo, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, zhongjiang, Buddha jiang, pearl 3 highway across the area, wide pearl city rail, deep alum railway wear, south China's largest inland wisdom port Jiangmen, near the province's fourth largest oversize comprehensive transportation hub —— bead west comprehensive transportation hub, and Guangzhou, macau, Dongguan, Foshan city form 1 hour life circle, and Shenzhen, Hong Kong form 2 hours life circle.

Jiangmen is going all out to promote the implementation of the "six major projects" proposed by the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee:

China (Jiangmen) "Overseas Chinese Dream Garden" Overseas Chinese innovation industry gathering area

National intellectual property rights pilot park

The Pearl River Delta (Jiangmen) National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone

Core area of the National Postdoctoral Innovation (Jiangmen) Demonstration Center

National innovative characteristic park

The core area of the national small and micro business entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration city

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