August 04, 2023
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Send blessings drum drive to promote the development of Bao 'an district leaders visited Desen after the festival

Blessings warm the heart and forge ahead together. On January 30, 2023 (the ninth day of the Lunar New Year), on the afternoon of the first day of construction, Desen welcomed Zhu Yun, Deputy governor of Bao 'an District, Shenzhen, Yi Yanling, director of Enterprise Service Center of Bao 'an District, Wang Xu, director of Songgang Sub-district Office, and relevant leaders. Mr. Zhou Lin, Chairman of Desen, warmly welcomed the leaders on behalf of the company.

送祝福 鼓干劲 促发展 宝安区领导节后走访德森

During the visit to the factory, Zhu, Vice governor of Baoan District and Chairman Zhou Lin had an in-depth exchange, a detailed understanding of the enterprise's operation and management mode, technology research and development system, market expansion planning and New Year's development plan, etc., carefully asked the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of the enterprise, carefully listened to the opinions and suggestions of the enterprise. It is convenient to create a better development environment for the development of Desen in the high-end intelligent electronic equipment industry and industrial mother-machine, give timely propaganda and consistent communication in policy, and fully support the national specialized and special new small giant enterprises in action.

Visit the factory

送祝福 鼓干劲 促发展 宝安区领导节后走访德森

District leaders attach great importance to this visit and research, pay great attention to the difficulties and problems raised by the enterprise, and will continue to follow up and implement the needs of the enterprise, and will give more support to the enterprise in terms of enterprise research, external communication and coordination, and internal policies in the future. District leaders know that the business environment is the soil for the survival and development of enterprises, and is the key to the competitiveness of the city, so they attach great importance to the pro-Qing relationship between government and business and enterprise services. Desen learned that in order to add "pro" to the "clear" relationship between government and enterprise, the pro-Qing government and enterprise service direct platform provides enterprises with functions such as setting demands direct, policy direct, space matching, financing matching, and compliance construction. The construction of Baoan District's pro-Qing government and enterprise service direct platform opened up the data channels of more than a dozen departments such as the District's Industry and Information Bureau, development and Reform Bureau, and Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, realized the unified convergence of enterprise-related resources, the precise push of policies, the establishment of a direct demand mechanism, the integration of industrial spatial information in the region, the easy docking of space resources, and the insertion of digital wings for service enterprises. Hard to run out of the "Shenzhen acceleration" for enterprises.


送祝福 鼓干劲 促发展 宝安区领导节后走访德森

Desen appreciates the care and support of Party committee and government leaders at all levels for the company's operation and development. In the future, Desen will further exert its own advantages, extend the flexible manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing industry chain, strengthen independent innovation and domestic substitution, expand sales channels, continuously improve the market and brand competitiveness, improve the added value of products, continue to create more value for customers and society, contribute to the economic development of Bao 'an District, and help Made in China 2025.

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