August 04, 2023
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Continue to accumulate innovation driving force, maintain the momentum of high-quality development, Desen extraordinary 2022

Work hard and get results

Move steadily and continue the new chapter

Desen Precision 2022 came to a successful conclusion

Law back to spring gradually, vientiane began to renew. At this festive moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, Desen hereby extends its most sincere wishes and greetings to all colleagues who have been working hard for the company, partners who have been supporting and helping the development of the company for a long time, and friends from all walks of life!

The past year of 2022 has been an extraordinary year for the whole society. Desson gained more from challenges during the year. But Desen up and down sincere unity, teamwork, adhere to technology research and development, product innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, so that Desen in this year still achieved multiple achievements in technology, market, industry, for Desen 2022 successful conclusion.


01 In the past year

Desen is relentless in innovation and research

Desen is well aware that only by using technological innovation as the driving force of the enterprise can we make the enterprise go steadily and far! In 2022, Desen has obtained a number of utility model patents related to solder paste printing process, and the total number of various patent technologies has reached nearly 100. And Desen continues to apply the technological achievements of research and development into the products, and continues to provide the industry with leading technology automated production equipment. At the same time, this year once again won the Shenzhen specialized special new enterprise, the national specialized special new "little giant" enterprise, for the technical strength of Desen enterprises to add certification.



02 In the past year

Desen equipment is still favored by the market


With deep brand heritage and the core strategy of deep market cultivation, Desen has continuously developed high-precision intelligent visual recognition, precision measurement and positioning technologies, and innovated fully automated electronic production intelligent equipment has been recognized by the industry's leading brands. During the year, Desson established solid cooperative relationships with leading brands in the industry such as Foxconn, BYD, Hikvision, Haier, Midea, Lichun Precision, Goer, Dessay Siwei, etc. Dessen's various types of automated production equipment continue to output strong power for the development of the industry in various fields of production lines.

03 In the past year

Desen has won many awards and won industry recognition

In 2022, Desen made a stunning appearance in various industry forums and summits, and won several golden awards. These include:

First, to focus on the recognition of the supply chain of excellent leading enterprises, technological breakthroughs or broaden the application of the edge of the new products, in the industrial transformation and upgrading to make an important example of the application of enterprises and products established by the expert said Aurora - annual excellent product Award!


Second, in the industry with high credibility and authority of the Golden Globe Award - annual innovative product award.


In the 2022 Shenzhen Intelligent Manufacturing Conference held by Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment Industry Association and Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association, Shenzhen Advanced Manufacturing Industry "Red Sail Award" was comprehensively selected for the six capabilities of enterprise strategic decision-making, market expansion, resource integration, system management, innovative research and development, and continuous improvement. And the "Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Labor Medal" to commend Chairman Zhou Lin as a model worker of Shenzhen electronic equipment and intelligent equipment industry and promote the national intelligent manufacturing industry.

Looking back on 2022, the brilliant results achieved by Desen in this year cannot be separated from the efforts and struggles of every Desen person up and down the company and the strong support of colleagues from all walks of life in the industry. Desen hereby expresses heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports and helps the development of the company!持续积蓄创新驱动力,保持高质量发展势头,德森不平凡的2022年

Looking forward to 2023, Desson will be more in the technology innovation, and continue to improve the production, sales, service management system. With more originality, more advanced and more efficient Desen face to return to the industry, to provide a "one-stop" flexible intelligent overall solution for various manufacturing fields. Finally, Desen once again wishes all colleagues a happy New Year, all the best, and a happy family! I wish all industry partners great success in the coming year.


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