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Automatic Accessaries Placement Machine

Labelling Accuracy: +/- 0.05mm

X,Y Repeat Accuracy: 0.01mm

Speed: 0.8/s(Max)

Acceleration: 3.0G

Size of Substrate: 50*50mm-300*350mm

Size of Material:2.5*2.5mm-110*40mm

DS-Pioneer S
Product Parameter
Parameters Specification
Model DS-Pioneer S
Size of PCB 50x50mm-300x350(mm)
Thickness of PCB 0.5~4mm
Size of Material 2.5x2.5-110x40(mm)
PCB Warpage Max.1%
bellins Acouracy 土0.05mm
XY Repeat Accuracy 0.01mm
Speed 0.8sec(Max)
Acceleration 3.0G
Conveyor Height 900+20mm
Labelling Head 2(standard),4(option)
 Voltage 220Volts +/- 10%.Single phase 50/60Hz
The above scheme is for reference only and can be customized according to the actual production technical requirements. Please leave your message to facilitate the staff to communicate with you and customize your own plan.
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