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Automatic Solder Paste Printer
  • Automatic platform calibration system
  • Integrated molding structure of the entire machine frame
  • Flexible side clamping system
  • Automatic multi-cleaning system for steel mesh
  • Classic second platform calibration
  • Capable for 5G,New Energy,Power Battery and New Display

  • Printing size:Maxim 1500*510mm

Product Parameter
Parameters Specification
Model DGL-F
Screen Frame Size  737mm x 300mm ~ 2300mm x737mm
Substrate Handling Size (minimum) 80mm (X) x 50mm (Y)
Substrate Handling Size (maximum) 2000mm (X) x510mm (Y)
Option:2000mm(X) x 350mm(Y)
Cycle Time 12s
Screen Frame Thickness 20mm - 40mm
Substrate Thickness 0.4mm - 6mm
Print Pressure 0kg - 20kg
Print Speed 6mm/s-120mm/s
Print Gap 0mm - 20mm
Substrate Separation  Speed:0.1- 20mm/sec
 Distance:0mm - 30mm
 Apply paste option Solder paste,Printing ink, Silver paste
 Voltage 220Volts +/- 10%.Single phase 50/60Hz

Application Scenario
3C Products
3C Products
Photovoltaic Products
Photovoltaic Products
New Display
New Display
Automotive Electronics
Automotive Electronics
Medical Treatment
Medical Treatment
New Energy
New Energy
Product Advanced Options
  • 01
    Solder Paste Monitoring System

    The sensor will detect the diameter of solder paste remained under the front squeegee to remind the opreator to supply paste.

  • 02
    Automatic Supply Solder Paste

    It’s controlled by electricity and also capable for supplying the solder paste at fixed times.

  • 03
    Stencil Aperture Inspection

    Stencil aperture inspection can be programmed to be carried out automatically to detect clogging on stencil opening, eliminate poor printing from the begining.

  • 04
    Automatic Dispensing Unit

    Attached on CCD Camera XY axis, the dispenser provides basic function of glue dotting using syringe type dispensing needle after solder paste printing.

  • 05

    It will keep the power supply to PC for 10 minutes after power off to protect the production data.

  • 06
    Temperature&Humidity Control System

    There are 3 options for this function:

    ① T&H both are controlled.

    ② Temperature control&Humidity detect.

    ③ T&H both detect and display.

  • 07
    Industry 4.0

    ① Customize the different communications modes of customers to realize intelligent operation management.

    ② Product output and manufacturing data analysis and statistics in real-time.

    ③ Intelligent alarm & prompt system and processing solution.

    ④ Bar-code recognition.

The above scheme is for reference only and can be customized according to the actual production technical requirements. Please leave your message to facilitate the staff to communicate with you and customize your own plan.
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