August 04, 2023
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Desen Precision attended the 2022 annual event of expert presentation to discuss the future development of LED display industry with peers

On November 17-18, 2022 expert said Display annual meeting Mini/Micro LED Display Industry Innovators Conference and expert Aurora Award ceremony was held in Shenzhen, as the domestic in-depth cultivation of high-end intelligent electronic equipment industry 16 years of industry innovation force, Desen precision was invited to attend the 2022 expert said annual event.

It is reported that this conference gathered terminals, chips, packaging, driver IC, equipment materials and other industry leaders/experts, to discuss the future of the LED display industry under the impact of the epidemic and the development of new incremental markets! Among them, 15+ industry chain leading enterprises displayed the latest products and technical solutions at the conference site; "2022 Small pitch and micro-pitch Display Research White Paper" and "2022Mini LED Backlight Research White Paper" were also released at the conference; It is worth mentioning that on the evening of November 18, the 2022 Expert Aurora Award was announced, and Shenzhen Desen Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. won the "Annual Excellent Product" award.


Ingenuity products recognized by the industry, Desen precision future can be expected

On the evening of November 18, the 2022 Expert Aurora Award ceremony kicked off, and Desen Precision won the Annual Excellent Product Award with the automatic solder paste printing machine DSP-MiniLED. As we all know, Desen precision has been committed to the research of key technologies of precision surface mounting for a long time, is committed to promoting independent innovation, and has launched a number of automatic visual solder paste printing machines such as DSP series to seize the high ground of the development of electronic manufacturing industry.


Desen Precision has always been adhering to the development concept of "science and technology to rejuvenate enterprises, industry to serve the country", actively seize the commanding heights of technology, industry and talent, and create a number of high-end intelligent electronic equipment; Adhere to innovation-driven, for solder paste printing machine and other SMT equipment to provide advanced overall solutions, help manufacturing enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, the professional Aurora Award is the proof of Desen precision strength.


Desen precision innovation technology, help the display industry high-quality development

All along, Dessen's precision solder paste printing equipment has been well-known both inside and outside the industry for high precision, high speed, high quality and high adaptability, providing intelligent solutions and high-quality service has become Dessen's "business card". In addition, Desen precision automatic high-speed dispensing machine, three anti-coating machine, auxiliary material attaching machine, planting and dismantling machine and other advanced technology and equipment, in the breakthrough of key technologies at the same time, also won a number of industry awards, has been widely recognized by industry professionals and customers. Taking Desson's automatic solder paste printing machine as an example, it can print products with high density and high complexity, and can print high-precision products such as 03015/0.25pitch. The printing accuracy of the equipment is ±15µm@6σ and Cpk≥2.0, which ensures the printing yield of the Mini LED substrate and the efficient and accurate completion of the job.


As we all know, MiniLED has high efficiency, low power consumption, high stability, mature technology and other characteristics, suitable for large-scale application, its future market will be explosive growth, Desen precision as the industry leader, in the MiniLED production quality, efficiency and product quality and other aspects of strict control, the pursuit of first-class technology and technology, Build the highest quality product equipment and bring it to market.

As an excellent national enterprise, Desen Precision 16 years, with the original heart ingenuity, adhere to independent research and development, to create high-quality products, with practical actions to lead the electronic equipment industry forward development. In the future, Desen Precision will work hand in hand and continue to strive to create a new chapter in the LED display industry.

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