August 04, 2023
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The 2022 GAogong LED Display Annual meeting was held, and Desen was invited to talk with all walks of life in the LED industry about the layout of the display industry in the new era

On November 24-25, the high-level annual event of the deep-cultivation LED display industry - the 2022 high-tech LED Display Annual Meeting was held at Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport!


Desen was invited to attend the conference with more than 800 business leaders and industry elites from the upstream and downstream industry chain of chip, packaging, display, equipment materials and IC power supply, as well as panel, TV and consumer electronics manufacturers. Around the display industry supply chain, market development, technological innovation and other links in the new era, the in-depth discussion of the wider market space and application scenarios of small-pitch display, Mini direct display and Mini backlight.


In the context of the weak cycle of the LED display market throughout the year 2022, a display vertical conference that combines the current status and talks about the future has become particularly important. Therefore, this year's annual meeting with the theme of "weak cycle industry changes, strong cooperation shows big can be", a total of four special sessions, topics covering the whole LED display industry chain, more than 800 business leaders, industry experts, investment elites are present, research and judgment technology route, pulse industry trends.


As an important participant in the LED industry who has been deeply engaged in the high-end intelligent electronic equipment industry for 16 years, Desen has already become an important part of the industrial chain. This event will be held with all sectors of the industry to share the latest progress in technological innovation, capacity layout, product adjustment, market development and brand promotion. At the meeting, Desen's technical achievements and industrial pioneer layout were widely recognized by the industry elite, and finally won the annual Excellent Product Award with DSP-MINI LED solder paste printing machine in the industry-wide Golden Globe Award!


At present, the display has become a key pole for the future growth of LED companies, including chips, packaging modules, and applications, most of the new products have been invested in the field of RGB small pitch, especially the Mini LED market. In this context, the DSP-MINILED solder paste printing machine launched by Desson can achieve high-precision and high-density printing solder paste printing equipment, breaking through the difficulty of 03015/0.25pitch printing, with an accuracy of ±15m@6σ and Cpk≥2.0. With high yield and high efficiency, the solder paste printing machine provides the possibility for large-scale commercial use of Mini LED.


Golden Globe is focused on the LED industry chain setting and evaluation, involving LED chips, packaging modules, material equipment, IC power supply, display, panel and other fields, focusing on the annual technological innovation, enterprise achievements, excellent products industry awards, is the LED industry is highly credible and authoritative industry selection. The Golden Globe Award has been highly concerned by the entire industry and the active participation of enterprises in the industry's subdivisions. The award of the Golden Globe Award 2022 "Annual Excellent Product Award" also shows the industry's full affirmation of the technology and strength of Desen.



Facing the complex and changing industry status quo, Desen precision adheres to the core concept of innovation, breakthrough and application. To lead the industry equipment innovation as its own responsibility, promote the LED display production technology upgrade, has launched DSP-MINI LED series, DS series, HITO series and other advanced automatic visual solder paste printing equipment. The electronic intelligent equipment with technological innovation as the core, high precision, high speed, high quality and high adaptability as the effect, pulls the entire industrial chain into a new development cycle, and helps the industry move forward steadily!

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